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Does it matter who translates your statements, your materials, your books or who becomes your voice when you communicate with your international audience or clients?

We believe it does!

With Linguist Directory, you can now choose and contact your translator or interpreter directly, easily, and in seconds.


Created by Interpreters for Interpreters and Their Clients

Vladimir Keves - Slovak Interpreter
Vladimir Keves – Slovak interpreter, the founder of Linguist Directory

Before Linguist Directory was created in 2017, professional linguists in the UK were actively encouraged (mainly by agencies) to stay anonymous, in the shadows, and discouraged from promoting their language services online.

However, at the same time, they were expected to work through agencies under zero-hour contracts and often for very low rates.

To me, that did not make any sense. I built a website and invited my colleagues to register. Soon after that, they started receiving direct offers from those who needed their services. Since then, the website has connected many of its members with hundreds of businesses and individuals around the world.

Can anybody register and offer their services?


No. Only translators and interpreters who hold higher qualifications in translation or interpreting can offer their services through Linguist Directory.

To ensure the highest quality, we always check and review new linguist profiles and verify the identity and credentials of each translator or interpreter who registers with us.

Our mission is to help professional translators and interpreters promote their language services more efficiently. Also, we aim to match successfully those who require language services with qualified and experienced translators and interpreters who can assist them.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please contact us.