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The world is changing in unexpected ways and new trends are emerging every single day. It is becoming very clear that to keep your freelance business afloat, you need to keep up with these changes. To help you learn new skills, I have created several online courses, including a mobile app localisation course and a website localisation course, which have been enjoyed by hundreds of linguists worldwide.

As more businesses move their activities online, these courses can help you gain new skills and increase demand for your translation services. A good starting point is to prepare for emerging trends and expand your knowledge in areas that are likely to be profitable. What are the growing trends in your industry?

What do your customers want the most? What are they likely to demand in the future? Analyse your market to find out how to serve your potential customers better and how to make your portfolio of language services more attractive. With more businesses moving online every day, website localisation and mobile app localisation certainly belong to the growing and more profitable fields.

When businesses try to expand abroad, their websites become gateways to new markets. To communicate their message effectively, they may, sooner or later, need localisation services to translate the website and adapt it to other cultures and languages.

However, localisation does not revolve only around websites. Any type of digital content including social media posts, online courses, videos, podcasts, mobile apps and all other types of digital content is far more effective when presented in the native language of the potential customers the business wants to reach.

That is why I believe localisation is and is likely to stay a growing industry for some time, even in the post-COVID-19 economy.

Why not help your customers cross the borders and overcome language barriers?

Learn website localisation and mobile app localisation online

Start your adventure online with the mobile app and website localisation course:

  • How to translate and localise websites
  • How to translate and localise mobile applications

Each course consists of more than two hours of video content with assignments and tests that will help you prepare for real-life projects. You’ll learn what file formats are used in mobile apps and website translation and how to process them. You’ll also find out more about the main mobile operating systems and hear some tips and strategies about how to approach your potential customers.

But that’s not all.

The courses also talk about the most common challenges in mobile app and website localisation and explain some methods of overcoming them. You’ll learn about localisation testing and professional development for translators who want to specialise in localisation. You can complete the courses at your own pace and ask questions or post comments at any time.

Mobile App Localisation and Website Localisation Courses Online

Why not take your freelance translation business to the next level?

Dorota Pawlak - DP Translation Services

Author: Dorota Pawlak

Dorota Pawlak is a translator and business consultant for freelancers. On her blog, Dorota regularly shares tips for freelancers and teaches online courses.


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